Lol. Yes, love is sometimes very hard to find, but when you stop looking it can happen in an instant with the least expected person. I haven’t had a crush since July. Haha. I can’t remember the feeling. Hang in there :)

Lol very true. Thank you :) I’ve only ever been in love once and that was last year,and it didn’t last too long unfortunately because of long distance. So it was too hard. But I would always get butterflies when we would skype and I was so happy and always glowing.I just want to feel that again. It’s my 22nd birthday next month, so I hope 22 will be a good year for me in the love department lol.

I kinda just wish that they would talk more about nick & jess’s break up… its like a taboo topic in the loft apparently and it bums me out. They need it, we need it, its just better if it’s talked about

I’m so with you on this. It’s better to be talked about then to be not talked about at all. It feels like they were never in a relationship. Since they were so in love,and are so in love with each other, wouldn’t they be thinking about each other a lot, and sexually? I don’t get it.