ZOOEY DESCHANEL walked into our restaurant and sat two tables away!! I’m 100% sure it’s her. They stayed for hours eating and talking all the while I’m freaking out! While getting ready for dinner we discovered that Zooey and her guy are staying only two doors down! I could hear them laughing and see her playing with his hair. So crazy!! THEN we went to dinner at the bottom of the mountain and about halfway through they walked in! She had wet hair and was wearing casual clothes. She kind of slinked in and sat facing the water but when she got up to pick out her fish she was basically standing at our table looking at us. Freak out! I really want to meet her but I don’t want to be a weirdo stalker and bother her when she is clearly trying to hide.
http://sydandryantakeeurope.wordpress.com/author/sydneyssmith/ (The pictures are on this blog of the tourists that saw her. I posted one of the photos on my blog)
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It was hard for us to get pregnant, too - took 3 years. I’m so happy she got her little miracles. As for helping her, here’s what you do: show up with ready-to-eat food, take charge of babies, send mommy to bed. It will save her sanity. Lol
Aww,well I’m glad you got pregnant after trying for 3 years too! And I’ll take your advice and be sure to do all those things! She’ll have lots of help from all of our family of course lol. They’re probably gonna be spoiled with so much attention :)